Environmental Project Proposal

Environmental Day Celebration: 

Organizing forums, Presentation, Proposal Summit, environmental-expo

Environmental interest groups:  

1. Animal Protection & Conservation: 🐦

2. Waste Management Project:

Biodegradable or organic material waste benefits for farmers, reforestation, horticultural resources, botanical benefits for & pharmaceuticals use.

3. Sustainable Development:

Some factors in consideration education, basic survival needs and social capacity.

4. Bilateral effect of waste disposal

As organic food and drugs, its financial impact as commodity reflects on pharmaceuticals use equally. In retrospect,
Conservation, Preservation and Restoration (CPR)  are enforced by environmentalists.

As inorganic material waste, reusable bags, plastics, glass, cans  and other convertible objects may contribute into capacity building in real estate development and Dow Jones industrial average performance. Respectively, improvement in construction, creating both equilibrium and thermodynamics state are pivotal for maintaining the quality of lifestyle for people in some culture.

5. Exploration of Aquatic Life

Life is good for hydraulic plants and animals. Aquatic biomes may be a prime alternative survival means for all living things. Waste disposal may be done with measure.