How to dispose waste at our residence: SEA

How to dispose waste at our residence

This recommendation is based on previous demands of the executed waste management by building managers.

All food containing are placed in black bags preferably daily. Currently, front yard disposal only-unless otherwise a previous request is made- as previously-shortly managed in the backyard for disposal. What may happen is determined by the Sanitation Department.

All Cleaned recycle items (Bottles & cans) maybe placed in front yard preferably Thursday morning; while unclean bottles may be  place highly sealed or wrapped in a separate bag. Ultimately, all bottles and cans will be placed in a clear plastic bags.

Returnable bottles and cans maybe return at your local supermarkets for a refund- otherwise maybe accounted for environmental friendly projects.

All other recyclables (paper, plastics or other miscelaneous) are also placed in the front yard for disposal. Blue plastic bags have previously used for paper mixed materials.

Larger containing materials must be dispose by appointment only.

Typically, there should not be any hazardous materials found in a small private settings. If there is a need, this should be by an appointment only.

Don't let waste management affect your relationship with your residence. It may be time consuming or costly.

This information is sponsored by BTFI friends for a Sustainable environmental cause. To learn more about waste management: Click here

Have a Happy and Clean stay here 🚮🚯♻